About Youser

At Youser, we believe that the most sustainable solutions are those created first and foremost for and with your employees.

Our mission is to work with you and your team to create sustainable working conditions. This not only promotes the well-being of your employees, but also helps them to adapt successfully to the challenges of new forms of work and organisation (New Work). The attractiveness of your company as a place to work is considerably enhanced. Thanks to our expertise at the interface between research, teaching and practice, our methods and approaches are both scientific and practical. We use a holistic approach to bring about long-term positive change in the world of work.

Our Services

Youser can help:
to understand the needs of your employees
to develop feasible measures to promote job satisfaction and health
to carry out recruitment processes successfully
to assess working conditions in terms of ergonomics and sustainability
to assess and implement staff development needs
to reduce fluctuations and absences
to improve work-life balance
to introduce hybrid working models
to introduce the use of artificial intelligence.

Youser can train your teams or leaders on subjects relating to :
Organisational health management
Burnout prevention
Agile leadership
Just Culture and psychological safety
Measuring job satisfaction

We are Youser Work

Youser - that's us: a team of adepts from the fields of human factors, industrial and organisational psychology and economics, striving to make the working world a better place.

photo of Cornelia Rolli Salthé, Youser's collaborator

Dr. Cornelia Rolli Salathe

Occupational and organisational psychology, physiotherapist FH

"The body and mind are a unit, not only in health, but also at work." My work as a physiotherapist and as an occupational and organisational psychologist confirms this image time and time again. People and all their facets are always at the centre of my work.

photo of Renée Favre, Youser's collaboratorFoto: Dave Schnell

Renée Favre

MSc in Occupational and Organisational Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics

Research in work and organisational psychology and cognitive ergonomics provides us with a wealth of tools and instruments - my passion is to select these according to the needs and issues of our clients and use them for the benefit of their employees.

photo of Andreas Sonderegger, Youser's collaboratorFoto: Dave Schnell

Prof. Dr. Andreas Sonderegger

Human Factors, Industrial psychology and business

The entire socio-technical system must always be taken into account! Changes in the world of work, the use of new technologies and the introduction of new forms of management or organisation pose major challenges for people and organisations. It is therefore important to know and take into account the interfaces between people, technology and organisation.



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