About Youser

At Youser, we believe that the most useful, usable and enjoyable solutions are those that are created by putting their users first.

In our work we pay particular attention to two key elements. The first is a thorough understanding of the user's needs, desires, abilities and constraints. The second is frequent user involvement in the evaluation of design prototypes at different levels of detail throughout the design process. These elements allow us to quickly narrow the design space and focus on the most appropriate design solution.

Our Services

Youser can help:
to determine and/or refine user needs and requirements
to elaborate a powerful and effective design
to evaluate prototypes or existing solutions to pinpoint potential areas of weakness and propose alternative solutions
throughout the whole solution lifecycle from conception to release, to ensure that your solution truly meets the needs of your users.


How we view the lifecycle of a solution and the methods we use at each stage:
  • Ready to go?
  • illustration of a coffee
  • number one 1
  • Idea/conception
  • Focus groups
  • Observation
  • Interviews
  • number two 2
  • Needs and requirements
  • Gathering and Analysis
  • Focus groups
  • Observation
  • Interviews
  • Use cases
  • User profiles
  • Card sorting
  • Task analysis
  • Ethnography
  • Cognitive walkthrough
  • Personas
  • number three 3
  • design, low-fidelity
  • prototyping and early stage evaluation
  • Wireframes
  • Sketching
  • Storyboards
  • Style guides
  • Scripted simulation
  • Wizard of Oz
  • number four 4
  • high-fidelity prototyping
  • late-stage evaluation and development
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Usability testing
  • Eye tracking
  • A/B testing
  • Interviews
  • Questionnaires
  • Think aloud
  • number five 5
  • release
  • Customer support analysis
  • Log analysis
  • And finally
  • illustration of a beer

Of course, this lifecycle is iterative - sometimes it may be necessary to go back a step (or even 2!) to create a truly useful and enjoyable product.

We are Youser

Youser - that's us: a team of UX adepts, coming from different disciplines with different interests and skills, striving to make the interactive world a better place.

photo of Florian Evequoz, Youser's collaborator

Florian Evequoz

User Researcher & Evaluation Expert
PhD in Computer Science

Florian is the team’s expert in needs and requirements gathering and analysis, as well as evaluation. He’ll meet with your users, interview them and observe them, in order to identify and understand their environment, constraints, needs and goals. Together with his detailed knowledge of human factors, he’ll use this information to inform the design and ensure that the point of view of the user is respected throughout the design process.

photo of Agnes Lisowska Masson, Youser's collaborator

Agnes Lisowska Masson

Interaction Designer & Information Architect
PhD in Human Computer Interaction

Agnes is the team’s expert on interaction design and information architecture. She has experience designing for mobile devices, personal computers, and wall sized interactive displays, and has created solutions using touch, voice, and mouse and keyboard interaction. Her keen sense of how to structure information leads to clean and appropriate information architecture solutions, independent of the platform or device.

photo of XY, Youser's collaborator

Estève Despond

UX & Visual Designer
Federal Diploma in Graphic Design

Estève is the team’s expert in visual design and typography. By putting particular emphasis on coherence in layout and on the readability of text and type on a screen, he produces visually striking designs that will help your solutions make a lasting impact.

photo of Filippo Nugara, Youser's collaborator

Filippo Nugara

UX & Visual Designer
Federal Diploma in Web Project Management

Filippo is the team’s expert in interaction design for the web. His knowledge of web design and experience with both front-end design and web development give him the ability to see the larger picture when it comes to web design and propose solutions that are the most adapted to your user's needs.

photo of Andreas Sonderegger, Youser's collaborator

Andreas Sonderegger

User Researcher & UX Architect
PhD in Cognitive Ergonomics & Work Psychology

Andreas is the team’s expert in evaluation and accessibility. He has experience in planning and conducting a wide range of user experience evaluations at various stages of the solution lifecycle, whose goal is to ensure that user needs have been understood and that the solution meets those needs. He’s also an advocate of providing solutions that are accessible to special user groups such as the elderly or those with physical disabilities.

Thomas Verdu

Visual Designer

Thomas is the team's corporate design and branding expert. His experience helps ensure that the solutions we create are compatible and coherent with the brand image that you want to project.



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